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Will never go back to regular toothpaste!

This toothpaste is AMAZING. The taste is fantastic and my teeth have never felt this clean. It feels like you get your 6 month dental cleaning on a daily basis. Ever since I was a kid I have always had a stomachache after brushing my teeth. Probably due to all the chemicals. Now using Ugly By Nature I don't ever experience stomachaches after brushing. It's really amazing stuff. I will recommend to anyone I can! Thank you for making such an awesome product!

WOW Sara!! Were so happy to hear you've had such a positive experience!! Thank you so much for that review!! ❤
Yum! Best toothpaste out there!!!

As a customer of 2 years, I decided to try the new Watermelon flavor -YUM! I love this Vegan, Cruelty free toothpaste, it does an amazing job!

Thank you for your continued support and the amazing review Tory!! ❤

Spankin' Spearmint

Thank you for the review Mylien!
Smell good

Taste good

Thanks for the review Asmahan! Glad to hear you like it!
Love it

Won't use any other brand.

Thank you for the review Keefer! ❤

Primal Peppermint

Thank you for the review Nia!

Wacky Watermelon

Thank you for the review Ariel!
Awesome toothpaste

Love your product! We order three at a time and keep one in each bathroom . This is the 3rd order in one year.

Thank you for your review & continued support Janet!!

A complete change to all the high street toothpastes available, but that's NOT a negative!! Feels very invigorating being educated and knowing you're doing what's best for you and your health. Very happy

So nice to hear you're happy Joanna!! Thank you for the review!! ❤
Great product! Super Fast S&H

We love the selections of toothpaste, especially the Primal Peppermint and Xtreme Mint! Thank you for a great natural option to getting the "pearls" cleaned! Keep 'em coming!

Yoire welcome Neo!! Thank you for the review! ENJOY! ❤

Xtreme Mint

Thank you for the review Austin!!
In love with the Coco

I never been this excited to brush my teeth

So Excited!! Thank you for the review Nadia! ❤

I have never had a toothpaste leave my mouth feeling SO CLEAN! As a future chiropractor, I know the detrimental effects that fluoride has on the body. This stuff is free of anything harmful! Ugly by Nature is THE REAL DEAL! Found my toothpaste for life!

Thank you so much for that review Morgan!! ❤

it has a great flavor, but its hard to press it and put it on the toothbrush.

Thank you for the review Nancy! You can remove the flip top cap and use it as a screw top. The tube has a bigger hole. The cap is smaller so there is less waste

Xtreme Mint

Thank you for the review Crystal!

I honestly liked this flavor better than the other two tubes I purchased.

Thank you for the review Jalen!

I wasn't blown away with the taste but it cleans very well.

Thanks for the review Jalen! Next time try the Epic Cinnamint, you may like that one better
love the idea but hard to squirt

love the flavor and the whole idea behind it, how SAFE and friendly It is in all ways but it makes a HUGE mess when you get the paste out. gets clogged frequently

Thank you for the review Alyssa! We are actually working on new tubes as we speak
Love it

This is my favorite

Thank you for the review Dorothy!
Can we bow our heads and just say amen

I sware by dr.bronners toothpaste & finally decided to give you guys a try...and when I say I'm glad I did!! I'm glad I did lol..mouth, teeth gums feel extremely clean & I will agree to another review that i read were she stated her gums stopped bleeding (and yess mine did as well) ...i love it, my partner loves it & we will be purchasing very soon before we run out.....oh and I need a reimbursement for the dr.bronners toothpaste I purchased & had to set aside because your toothpaste is AMAZING!!! lol. You have a forever customer.

WOW Jasmine!! We are speechless!! We are extremely happy that you have had such an amazing experience!! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this review!!

LOVE this toothpaste! I actually got my skeptical husband to try and he loves it now too!!!

Thats great to hear Michelle!! Thank you for sharing that!!
Best toothpaste

Couldn't be toothpaste!

Thank you for the review Jessica!!
Best on the Market!

I make every effort to review all the ingredients in my toothpaste and I have spent years looking for one that is truly natural - without all the Fluoride or other chemicals and this is the one! Trust me - it is Ugly, so plan to brush once, rinse twice, but well worth extra step and the long term benefits!!

Thank you for the review CLS!! ❤
Love this product

Been using for 3 months now and I'm never going back to that old stuff

Yay Tasha! Happy to hear that! Thanks for the review
Why Try Any Other Toothpaste?

I have been ordering from this company since day 1. Discovered it via Instagram and had to wait months because the company had yet to launch. The wait was absolutely worth it. This specific product was the reason for me to try the others. Coconut oil, diatomaceous earth, and activated charcoal are the hidden gems for healthy and white teeth. So I knew Ugly by Nature was on to something when I read those ingredients. All flavors are wonderful but this specific flavor grabbed my attention. I definitely feel more comfortable and confident than I ever had before using this toothpaste. I am no longer worried about specific unknown chemicals I am putting in my mouth and all I was really looking for was a non fluoride toothpaste. Little did I know I was getting a lot more! I recommend this to everyone who compliments my teeth as the toothpaste has definitely kept it healthy with the most natural ingredients the Earth can provide.

Thank You so much Lauren for taking the time to write such an amazing review!!! ❤ We're so glad to hear we've met your expectations!

Chaotic Coconut

Thank you for the review Daniel!

I'm really just so grateful that we live in a world where healthy toothpaste is offered! It seems like such a no-brainer, but to a lot of people it isn't. I really like the Chaotic Coconut--very good flavor and I think my teeth are becoming whiter as well! Love it, thank you Ugly by Nature!

Thank you for the review Sidda! We're so happy to hear you love it!
Fresh and Squeaky Clean

I am so happy I found this product. It is AMAZING. It tackles all of lifes nasty curve balls... Morning Breath, Kids Morning Breath, Smokers Breath you name it this product Tames it. I am a fully converted and telling everyone who will listen :)

Amazing review Faith! Thank you for sharing your experience!! ❤

Mixed Berry Madness

Thank you for the review Crystal!!

Xtreme Mint

Thank you fod the review Steven!

Wacky Watermelon

Thanks you for the review Sharica!

If you are considering switching to a non fluoride toothpaste this is the one to use! Super clean feeling. Cannot wait to try more flavors!

Thank you for the review Lauren!! We're so glad you love the toothpaste! ❤

Chaotic Coconut

Thank you for the review Dominique!! ❤

Chaotic Coconut

Thanks for the review Gurjit!
Best toothpaste on the market

Couldn't be happier with this proud and have been using it exclusively for 2 years. Great taste, quality ingredients, and my teeth/gums have never been healthier. The only issue I have is the high price, which while worth it for the exceptional quality could be mediated by a bulk discount. Thanks!

Thanks for the review and continued support Daniel!! We often run specials with discounts so stock up!

Mixed Berry Madness

Thank you for the review Kathiria!!

Xtreme Mint

Thanks for reviewing the toothpaste Tyrone!!

Xtreme Mint

Thank you for the review Jarrett!
The Winner Is.....

Ugly by nature toothpaste. I've been using Primal Peppermint and Chaotic Coconut flavors for a couple of months and will never go back to using Crest toothpaste. Both flavors taste great and my gums and teeth haven't looked better. Please do not change the ingredients. Trust me, this toothpaste taste better than Dr. Bonner's, Jason, Earth paste etc.

WOW!! Thank you Shari for that wonderful review! We are so happy to hear you love our toothpaste!!

No language on this planet could describe perfectly how good this toothpaste is. The new flavor makes all the other mainstream cruelty non vegan with fluoride with harsh chemicals look like something I flush down my toilet. I definitely would recommend to everyone I love. Which is everyone

Thank you for that amazing review Nicolas!! Enjoy the toothpaste!!
Best tooth paste

Fluoride free!! Love it.

We are so happy to hear you love it Melina!
Best tooth pas

Fluoride free!! Love it.

Thank you for the review Melina!!
Loved it

Always a fan Love every single one of them

Thank for the review Selda! We're so happy you love them all!!!
I love this toothpaste!!

I love this toothpaste!!

We are so glad you love it Krista!!
Love it!

It was an experience indeed! Being different from other toothpaste on the market it took a bit of getting used to. The taste and the fact that it's 100% organic not killing me slowly made up for the dirty sink. Lol. I wash my basin everytime I brush my teeth. It's now a regular routine. Thank you for taking an interest in our health wellbeing. I will always use Ugly. Big up the Ugly Team!

Thank you for the amazing review Veronica!! Keep that sink clean ;-)

My family and I love the toothpaste. My kids (ages 86) love the wacky watermelon!

So happy you all like them John!! Thanks for the review!
Amazing fruity flavor

When my daughter first popped up the lid, she said the toothpaste smelled like fresh watermelon. She was excited to try it out, and it didn't disappoint. She says that wacky watermelon along with mixed berry madness are her absolute favorites and they both leave her mouth feeling fresh and clean.

We are so happy to hear your daughter loves them Nanila!! ENJOY!
Watermelon was a hit!

We bought toothpaste before from you and my family loved it. They are super excited about the watermelon flavor this time!

Great to hear Marie!! Thank you for the review!
Best One Yet!

UGLY is my favorite brand of toothpaste and watermelon is my favorite flavor!

Thanks for the review Jamie!! We are so happy to be your favorite brand!
Love It!

Will never have to shop elsewhere for toothpaste!

Awesome!! Thanks for your support Robert!!