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Really like this one

This is my go to toothpaste. Love Ugly by Nature! I have sensitive teeth and this is the only brand I can use.

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Will be buying more of this soon!

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Great! Best vegan toothpaste~

It took me a day or two to get used to this toothpaste being non-foam. And now I’m really glad that it isn’t. My mouth feels and looks clean after I brush! I am more than satisfied and the watermelon flavor is really nice. Can’t wait to try the other flavors!

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Chaotic Coconut

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Wacky Watermelon

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The Epic Cinnamint is a great tasting toothpaste that leaves my mouth and breath feeling fresher than ever.. Thank You

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Keeping sinks dirty

We have been buying these toothpastes for a while now and have tried most every flavor. Great product, minus having to clean the sink more often .

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Xtreme Mint

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Best thing ever!

I stopped using conventional toothpaste months ago and opted for Ugly By Nature. Best decision everrrr!!!!

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Love this

I absolutely love this tooth paste makes my mouth feel clean and fresh. Of course the sink is dirty and I did have a delay due to the hurricanes but I complaints here.

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Savory Cinnamon

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I’m already out of my toothpaste, and I’ll be ordering more! I loved it, and unexpectedly so did my 7yr old son! He thought it was minty, but not too minty:) and he asked to use it everyday! So that’s a win in my book and will be ordering more for sure!
Thanks Ugly By Nature for making an all natural product that is doable for the whole fam!

You're welcome Brittany!! ❤ We're happy to hear the whole family loves it!

Xtreme Mint

Thanks for the 5 ⭐️ review Alyssa!!

Xtreme Mint

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I Love It

I've been using it for a year and it's a morning staple now!

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Love it

Love it! Recommended to all my friends. Only complaint is, if you could redesign the tube somehow to make it easier and smoother to squeeze out the toothpaste!

We're so Happy to hear you love it Ivy! Tha k you so much for the review! ❤ We are actually working on new tubes as we speak!

I loved this toothpaste I will be ordering more! I love that it has the charcoal and coconut oil!! Two natural properties for whitening. Xtreme mint was exactly what I needed in a mint toothpaste. I’ll be trying others soon.

Glad you love it Monique!! ❤ Thank you for the 5 ⭐️ review!!

Xtreme Mint

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Love it

This one became my new favorite after trying it

We're so Happy to hear you love the watermelon Katie!! Thank you for the review!! ❤

As always. This one is out favorite of the minty flavors.

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100% Satisfaction

As always, we love your products and the customer service and shipment is superb!

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100% recommend

Love this stuff!!!! Extremely natural and actually notice my teeth whitening while using it. Love them

Wonderful new Giovanna!! ❤ Thank you for the 5 ⭐️ review!!

Chaotic Coconut

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New Treasure to Keep!

Oh well, words cant describe how cleaner and whiter our teeth now. Chemical free is how we like the most in these gems and self testified that it works tremendously! Will be buying more!

It's great to hear you've had such amazing results Pinky!! Thank you for the review!! ❤
Best Toothpaste ever!

Love the taste! Great flavors.

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Wacky Watermelon

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Spankin' Spearmint

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Worth the wait

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Got my UBN in the mail today

Due to the tragic hurricane Irma my items got delayed but ugly nature made sure to contact me and email me to let me know that my item was on its way, Which is very understandable. When I got my package I was filled with joy I couldn’t wait to get home and swipe my fluoride Colgate with a all natural ugly by nature product. Thank you so much !!!!!

You're welcome Sheila!! ❤ Thank you for the 5 ⭐️ review!!!
Best customer service

What a great company and customer service. The Postal Service had hold ups and was taking forever to get us our package we ordered. Ugly by Nature was disappointed that the postal took so long that they sent out another package for the inconvenience. We love their toothpaste. Even our children like it. That's a plus!! Thanks Ugly by Nature for making such a great product & customer service team.

You're welcome Katy!! Thank you so much for the review! We're so happy everyone loves it!! ❤
The BEST toothpaste ever!!!

Our family is absolutely in love with this line of toothpaste! My teeth feel cleaner and whiter than ever. Even my skeptical husband said "whoa this toothpaste is cool!" Will never stop using. Thank you!

WOW Heather thats awesome!! Thanks for the review!! ❤
Chaotic Coconut

Never in my two decades of living have I ever tasted a vegan toothpaste.Will be ordering different flavor quaterly.

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one word......AMAZING!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the review Mark!! ❤

Chaotic Coconut

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Great Product

Great products and highly recommend

Thank you for the 5 ⭐️ review Daniel!!
Extreme mint

Greatest toothpaste ever!! I recommended it to all my friends and already bought some of their own they love it just as much as me

WOW Arisbe!! Thank you for that compliment & the review!!! ❤

I love my toothpaste, freshbreath and clean teeth. I highly recommend, I will purchase more again.

Thank you for the 5 ⭐️ review Sunshine! ☀️❤
The only toothpaste ill ever buy!!!

I love everything about this toothpaste. The best ingredients, without any of the chemicals. All the things needed to keep our teeth white and healthy, in a convenient paste. Thanks

WOW Jack!! Thank you so much for that review!! We really appreciate it!! ❤

I love this flavor!!

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5 stars

Bought for my grandson. 4 yrs. old. He loves his Ugly toothpaste.

That's great to hear Emily!! Thank you for the review! ❤

We don't like the mess

Thanks for the review Deborah! 'Keeps your teeth and your sink dirty' ❤
Can't get much better than this!

Love the watermelon, cinnamon, and peppermint flavors! I recommend everyone at least give them a try!

Thanks for the 5 ⭐️ review Jeremy! We're so glad you love all the flavors!! ❤
So fresh & so clean

I love this toothpaste! It leaves my mouth feeling fresh and clean. I've used other natural toothpastes before and they all seemed to not be as effective as this toothpaste! I love that's it's in a tube you just squeeze instead of a jar you scoop out of. Buying more soon!

Love it! Thank you so much for that review Della!! ❤

Xtreme Mint

Thank you for the 5 ⭐️ review Jaline!!
My new favorite flavor!

I couldn't wait to try Wacky Watermelon. I love the flavor so much I'm tempted to eat it!!

Love hearing that Anita!! Thanks for the 5 ⭐️review!!
Wacky Watermelon

This was our 2nd purchase but our 1st time with the watermelon. It definitely has a wacky taste that our toddler loves. We'd purchase this one again for him but the mint again for us. We love this product!

We're so happy to hear everyone loves the toothpaste Brtt!! Thank you for the review! ❤

First brush will hook ya!

Awesome to hear that Jessica!!

I can tell the difference instantly from the typical toothpastes dentists offer. The feeling is very refreshing.

Thank you Mohammed for the 5 ⭐️ review!! ❤
Feel naturally clean

I really like the toothpaste, it cleans my mouth without all those unwanted ingredients.

Thanks for the review Aaron!! ❤
Strange color

This is a unique toothpaste. I've only used the Cinnamon one so far, but also ordered the Coconut. There is not a lot of taste, but I prefer that over a mint taste. I like the texture. I don't like the opening, it's too small and I have to take off the top and squeeze the tube with pressure. I will reorder. My teeth feel clean.

Thank you for the review Barbara!! The cinnamon is a sweet, mild flavor as we found out when we tested the product people did not like spicy cinnamon. The cap can be used as a flip or twist off.