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About Us

UGLY by nature began from Dr. Paul Herman's deep interest in health. His obsession with health began at a very young age. When he was approximately 10 years old, his father would take him to the gym or jogging with him on Saturdays. His love for health and fitness led him to pursue a career in bodybuilding. Well, tragedy struck when he was 21 years old with a low back injury. The injury was so severe, he was not able to walk for over a week. A close friend, who's father was a chiropractor, recommended Dr. Herman to go and see him. The chiropractor recommended an MRI of his low back due to the amount of pain he was in. The MRI results stated there was a lumbar disc herniation. After a few weeks of therapy and adjustments he was able to walk again and gradually went back to the gym. He was amazed by the incredible relief he felt, without drugs or surgery. It was at that moment he decided that chiropractic was his career choice.

During almost 20 years of practice, Dr.  Paul Herman helped thousands of people in a natural, holistic way.  Over the years he began to notice more and more toxins in our everyday lives. Pesticides and genetically modified organisms in our food, fluoride added to our water supply and toothpaste containing carcinogenic chemicals and various types of fluoride.

A few years ago, he and Adriana Ryan, UGLY by natures co-founder, were reintroduced again. They've known each other since 6th grade. Adriana's son suffered with severe allergies to multiple things. One of the things that caused an allergic reaction was toothpaste, even "fluoride free" toothpaste. So, Dr. Herman decided to make is own toothpaste to help with the allergies. He put together a three ingredient toothpaste that did not cause any allergic reactions. Over the next 18 months it evolved to ten ingredients. He wanted to formulate a healthy toothpaste for its efficacy, consistency and flavor. Samples of the toothpaste were given to friends and family members. They kept asking for more and wanted to know if we would be selling it. 

Dr. Herman realized he would be able to help more people worldwide by creating his own product line. So along with Adriana, they decided that more people should be able to benefit from this creation.

It was with that UGLY by nature toothpaste was born.

At UGLY by nature we vow to never use anything artificial in our toothpaste and future products. Dr. Paul Herman states, “By producing a high quality toothpaste, made with only natural and organic ingredients, I can provide a healthier alternative to what is available worldwide now".

UGLY by nature, is committed to you and your family's well being first, nothing is more important to us than your health. Our products are never tested on animals, only our family and friends.


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