Toxic fluoride levels found in Texas water supply

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Over 60 Texas water systems failed to warn consumers about the presence of dangerous levels of arsenic in the water. And, now, a FAN (Fluoride Action Network) investigation has documented a similarly widespread failure to warn consumers about the presence of toxic levels of fluoride.

FAN has discovered that children in Texas have been exposed to dangerous levels of fluoride in their drinking water, due to a systematic failure by local, state, and federal officials to enforce the Safe Drinking Water Act.

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Many communities in Texas have long been plagued with elevated naturally occurring levels of fluoride in their drinking water, and the problem appears to be getting worse. The most obvious and visible consequence of consuming water with elevated fluoride is a condition called dental fluorosis, which is a staining and pitting of the tooth enamel caused by fluoride’s interference with the tooth forming cells. In its advanced forms, fluorosis can cause disfiguring brown and black staining, as well as pitting and crumbling of the enamel. This damage to the tooth’s enamel is permanent, and can be acutely embarrassing to the children who suffer from it, placing them at higher risk for behavioral disorders.

Dental fluorosis is the most obvious effect of fluoride exposure; but it is not the only risk. In fact, the same fluoride level in water that causes severe forms of dental fluorosis (>2 mg/L) has been repeatedly linked to other adverse effects, including reduced IQ scores, kidney damage, osteoarthritis, bone fragility, and thyroid hormone impairment.


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