Amazing vegan, cruelty free toothpaste review

Ugly by nature toothpaste review

Thank you @veganaprilfool for the amazing review & beautiful image!! 🙏💗🌱
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A rare (actually think it's my first) non food post! But never the less it's really important because animal exploitation is everywhere even in your toothpaste! Not to mention all he nasty chemicals in there too! That's why I want to say a humongous thank you to @ugly_by_nature for making a vegan non toxic toothpaste that really works! The color is so freaky but my oh my what an amazing toothpaste. My teeth has never felt cleaner nor have they ever looked whiter. It's so great that there are people like the ones behind uglybynature who can make amazing products out of simple ingredients at test it on them selfs instead of animals who has no choice! So once again, THANK YOU 🌱

*You can purchase your toothpaste here

UGLY by nature
UGLY by nature


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