Government Admits It Overdosed America’s Children with Fluoride. Who is Liable?

Government water fluoride regulations did more damage than good

The US Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) newly admitted that fluoride water levels, which they promoted, encouraged and testified as safe, have actually damaged children’s teeth. They knew this for years. Because of the steady increase in dental fluorosis (white spotted, yellow, brown and/or pitted teeth), HHS says water companies must add less fluoride chemicals into their customers bodies via the water supply. In ten years they’ll check children’s teeth to see if they were right about this new level and, for the first time, factor in other fluoride sources.

Despite this increase in damaged teeth, tooth decay is still a national crisis – some would say epidemic. Fluoridation is a failed public health blunder and should be abandoned. However, our government did create a lucrative market for cosmetic dentists who get to fix fluorosed teeth while ignoring those that need their care the most – low-income folks. 80% of dentists refuse to treat Medicaid patients. Over 100 million Americans don’t have dental insurance. Many of those with insurance can’t afford dentists out-of-pocket expenses.

It’s time to break up the dentist monopoly and legalize Dental Therapists in every state who will go into the mouths and areas neglected by dentists. After all, with dentists (inside and outside of government), the US is facing both a tooth decay and dental fluorosis epidemic. Dentists cannot be trusted anymore.

Is this medical malpractice? Who is liable? Fluoridation promoters, legislators blindly obeying them, water purveyors just carrying out orders or heads of government or dental agencies who instigated or allowed this to happen?

Also, HHS continues to ignore the hundreds of published studies which show that ingesting fluoride is harmful to the rest of the body, too.
For example, when fluoridation began, dentists had no idea fluoride could get into the brain. Now, hundreds of animal studies show that it does; 43 studies link fluoride to children’s lower IQ. A US study links fluoridation to ADHD.

In fact, drug companies add fluoride into medicines to help them get into the brain.

This fact alone should put an end to fluoridation. But HHS infers a little fluoride in the brain is OK with them. Just like it’s OK with them that your children have mottled teeth. But did they ask you ior offer to pay for their mistake?

Buried in HHS’s report, not mentioned in its news release or teleconference to select people, is that routinely mixing fluoridated water into infant formula puts babies at increased risk of developing fluorosis.

It seems HHS protects fluoridation at all costs. Why?

Dr Philippe Grandjean, a well known epidemiologist at the Harvard School of Public Health, and author of Chemical Brain Drain, was quoted by several publications on the new guideline:

“Due to the importance of having the best possible brains in the future, I think that that would suggest that we be careful about the amount of fluoride that we deliver to the population in drinking water,” National Public Radio (April 27):

“I’d say it’s a reasonable concern that fluoride can affect brain development,” Grandjean says. “Lowering the recommended fluoridation level to 0.7 mg per liter is very well-justified. I would in fact recommend that the level be reduced even further.” Newsweek (April 27):

Attorney Michael Connett, Special Projects Director for the Fluoride Action Network says “In our view it’s high time for the United States to start following the approach taken by most of the Western world and stop fluoridating its water.”

The US government has a history of fudging fluoride data.

Government health authorities knew over 50 years ago that black Americans suffered greater harm from fluoridation, yet failed to warn the black community about their disproportionate risk, according to documents obtained by the Fluoride Action Network..

In 1945, Grand Rapids, Michigan, experimentally added fluoride chemicals into the water supply anticipating that children’s tooth decay would decline without causing fluoride’s unwanted toxic effects – dental fluorosis

A January 10, 1962 internal memorandum, from a U.S. Public Health Service (PHS) official, F.J. Maier, revealed that “negroes in Grand Rapids had twice as much fluorosis than others.”

Based on this, Maier asked, “In a community with a larger number of negroes (say in Dekalb County, Georgia) would this tend to change our optimum fluoride levels?”

No change was made. Worse, government officials have taken no steps to educate the black community about their heightened fluoridation risk.

Today, black children have more tooth decay AND fluorosis than others.

source: dddent

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UGLY by nature


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